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David Slattery

In private practice since 1988

Online therapy, supervision and training

This is a deep training that helped me develop skills of subtle attunement to co-created relational dynamics and unconscious processes in working with couples. I found the trainer to be experienced and knowledgeable - someone who really 'knows his stuff'.

The group, trainer and venue together provide an intimate holding environment that nourished me personally and supported my development as a therapist. This is a training that really looks after you.

Peter UKCP Reg. psychotherapist/trainer/supervisor:  Bristol

David is very knowledgeable, clear in his delivery, approachable and down to earth. His relaxed style of conducting the training allowed me to feel at ease and be fully open to the course content.

The training was intelligently thought out and designed to provide an informative and experiential approach to learning. It provided a clear insight into couples work through reading materials, group discussion, experiential exercises and practice. This subsequently gave me a holistic understanding and a confidence to approach my work in this exceptionally complex area. 

The manner in which the student group was organised made the training a supportive environment. This was particularly so during the reading and discussion element of the course.

The training venue is set in beautiful surroundings. The training itself is conducted in a residential building so the atmosphere immediately felt relaxed. The training room is bright with very comfy sofas to relax into. The catering is provided by the owner who has a very warm and welcoming personality. Most of the food is homemade and was always one of the highlights of the day. Essentially, I felt spoilt each day I was there!

Christian Davies-Trigg BACP (Accred) Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Qualified Supervisor private practice & counselling service manager: S. Wales

The certificate I completed with David gave me the solid foundation that I was looking for to start working with couples. We explored the dynamics of intimate relationships and how to encourage couples to see and experience each another more clearly within the context of their unique relationship. The learning environment is calm and peaceful and I always felt safe in this experiential setting with David as a guide.

Susanne Hart BACP (Reg.) Counsellor: Bristol

The training provided a relaxed and encouraging space in which to learn to be a couple’s therapist.   I felt the role-plays in particular really helped to equip me to sit with couples.   I loved being in a small group which encouraged me to take risks and experiment.  David’s deep experience, perception and confidence make his courses a great experience.  The comfort of the venue and the fabulous food are a real bonus.

MH Psychotherapist in private practice: Cardiff

I joined David’s couples training for the second module (the training used to be divided into 3 modules) and found the group welcomed me and I soon felt part of the group. I had been working with couples for a while but still felt nervous and unconfident in my work. Gradually, I began to feel more confident that I could do this work and recognised David’s experience and expertise in this area. The training was not overloaded with theory but essentially experiential and this was really what I needed and wanted. One of the most important aspects of the training was the group process which I had missed from the time of my initial training. David was able to facilitate this, holding us safely and encouraging the group to deepen our interactions. It became a very special group. The training was greatly enhanced by the beautiful venue which offers true hospitality - both in terms of wonderful food and having the feeling of being welcomed into a relaxed home for the day. This meant that it was possible to gain stimulation and new learning at the same time as feeling refreshed and nourished.

Jane S. (Counsellor : Primary Care/private practice: Wiltshire)

I highly recommend this couples therapy training. I have learnt so much from this course to enable me to work as a couples therapist. David’s teaching is inspiring, intelligent and soulful. I value his rich experience, deep thinking and supportive approach. I appreciated the combination of experiential learning, including role-play with a balanced mix of interesting theory.

The focus on engaging in personal reflection, within the training, to become more conscious of my own patterns of relating, has been invaluable. David sensitively and skilfully helped to facilitate an open, safe, group-space. This fostered further learning with a healthy mix of lively enquiry and non-judgemental support.

The venue is superbly conducive to this training as it is beautiful, comfortable and spacious. The food, in itself, is worth doing the training for- no kidding.

Helen Mason couples therapist, music therapist working in community adult mental health and privately in the area of self-development Bristol

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to work therapeutically with couples.  The training provided by David was invaluable and has greatly informed my developing private practice with couples and individuals who are seeking counselling for relationship difficulties. The weekend sessions in a wonderful setting provided a supportive learning environment and encouraged the development of personal and professional connections with other participants who had a rich diversity of experience.  David's depth of knowledge and experience in this field and his professional, warm approach facilitated an exploration of the learning materials always with a view to the individual's unique experience, interpretation and stage of professional development.

Catherine Counsellor: S. Wales

As an experienced psychotherapist, I was looking for a training that would allow me to integrate my existing skills and experience into couples work. This training fitted the bill exactly. The course has a good theoretical underpinning but the emphasis is on the experiential- learning from doing, sharing experiences and deepening my understanding of myself in coupledom and as a couples therapist.
David's style is inclusive, warm and engaging. He shares openly the depth and breadth of his experience whilst at the same time honouring the experience of all participants. He creates a collegiate learning experience.
The training takes place in an extremely comfortable, peaceful environment which enhances the learning experience. Thus David attends to nourishing the body as well as the mind - the food is simply wonderful!

Cheryl Psychotherapist and Supervisor in Private Practice and NHS, Wiltshire / Gloucestershire based.

I have completed the first part of the couples’ relational therapy training with David.  He manages to harmonize his training model with the diverse therapy streams present in the group with a theoretical and practical approach.

This first part of the training is an invitation to reflect on the therapeutic work with couples as therapists and individuals, and to explore its relational foundations.  David offers some case studies from his large experience, and also self-disclosure to support the exploration of some of the challenges that couples might face, and to discuss the relational model.  

The warm and welcoming venue, matched with a delicate meal, makes this training a very enjoyable and nourishing experience.  I am looking forward to continue the further stages of the training.

Pedro Diaz UKCP Gestalt Psychotherapist : London.