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David Slattery

In private practice since 1988

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Psychotherapy, or at least the sort I am involved in, is about discovering, through dialogue, what concerns you in your life and what your experience of yourself and others is. This may sound simple, and in a way it is. But simple is not easy. Many of the difficulties we suffer from as adults have their roots in a lack of simplicity. Having experiences of parents/caregivers who were not able (due to their own difficulties) to relate to us simply and straightforwardly can leave a legacy of inner torment and confusion. The severity of this experience of course varies, but the trauma is to be measured by what is left unresolved within us, rather than some objective measurement of 'how bad it was'.

Unresolved traumas can take many different shapes and therapy can help with a wide range of complaints and discomforts in life e.g. unhappiness or depression (which can take many forms), self-criticism, feelings that seem too strong or too weak and don’t really ‘fit’ a particular situation, a sense of only being 'half-alive'. Some people experience a sense of isolation and meaninglessness in their lives.

So how can therapy help? By carefully listening and responding to you over a period of time, we can together build the trust that is the cornerstone of change and development. In therapy we will attempt to create together an environment that has your wellbeing at its centre.

When considering Psychotherapy people often ask ‘how long will it take?’ This is a very difficult question to answer as each therapeutic process has its own momentum and timescale. One way of thinking about such a process is to consider how long you may have been living with a particular problem or way of being that you find destructive in your life. If the answer is years, possibly even back into childhood, then it is unlikely that you will find the peace with, or freedom from, the issue in a few weeks or months. The timescale involved often reflects the depth of the difficulty experienced. It may also be that you come to feel involved and committed to a process that is about you and your life. Therapy can start off as being something you desperately and reluctantly engage in and become an activity you choose as something that helps and enhances your life.

I will endeavour to be reliable and committed to the therapy process with you and would ask you to do the same, although of course different feelings, sometimes strong, are felt at different times. We will agree to meet at a regular time, usually once weekly (although sometimes more frequently is helpful) and this way carve out some time for you and your emotional process.

I am on the UKCP approved supervisors list.


I charge €100 / £90 per 50 minute session.  My fee is flexible and can be discussed in the assessment session.

For those in financial hardship I carry two low cost places where the fee is completely negotiable please ask if these places are available.

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‘To those who have dared the darkness, and those who have walked with them, without pity.’

Marion Woodman